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Today, Angie and Elizabeth discuss arrogance as a necessary component to creating something from nothing–what does it take to create? What gives you permission? What gives you cojones?

Ideas include:

  • Focusing on creating a body of work
  • Sitting with discomfort
  • Faking it and taking action
  • Apprenticing yourself to others you admire
  • Wearing the master’s hat
  • Embodying success
  • Pretending you know what you are doing
  • Imagining your ideal reader

We also read through and talk about The Cult of Done Manifesto. What does it take to finish?



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Story Makers is a podcast that features in-depth conversations with accomplished writers, filmmakers and industry experts about story craft, technique, habit and survival–everything you need to know to stay inspired, connect to your creativity, find others’ wonderful stories and your own success.

The hosts:

Elizabeth Stark is a published, agented novelist and distributed filmmaker who teaches and mentors writers at

Angie Powers is a distributed filmmaker and published short story writer with an MFA in creative writing and a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA who teaches story structure at