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Episode 61: Burying the Lead: a journalist turns to poetry

Our dear friend and talented writer Devi Laskar’s first poetry chapbook, Gas & Food, No Lodging, has just been published, and we celebrate with a far ranging converstaion about language v. narrative poetry, ad how story influences the organization of...

Episode 52:Creative Arrogance and the Cult of Done

Today, Angie and Elizabeth discuss arrogance as a necessary component to creating something from nothing--what does it take to create? What gives you permission? What gives you cojones? Ideas include: Focusing on creating a body of work Sitting with...

Episode 50: Does Art Require an Audience?

Angie and Elizabeth discuss the pros and cons of the dictum to write everyday, the benefits and drawbacks of social media to the writer/ creative type, and whether art requires an audience.

Episode 48:Quick Fix Q&A: Simplicity

In this week’s Quick Fix Q & A, Angie and Elizabeth discuss:

6 steps to creating a scene
4 tests for: is it an event?
Plot complexity and genre expectations
Your personal thematic
Decision fatigue
Automating your routine

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Friends’ week is coming up in the Book Writing World, November 15 & 17! Join us in-person in Berkeley OR Online from anywhere via Zoom’s video conferencing for a free 2-hour craft class on Backstory–when do you need it, how do you work it in, and what can and can’t it do for your story?

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Episode 47: Micah Perks and Fetal Narrators

In this episode we sit down with author Micah Perks. Our conversation went all over the place, and we hit on a number topics. We discussed: Fetal narrators How long it can take to write a novel What happens when revisions don't work Finding the title How...