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Episode 52:Creative Arrogance and the Cult of Done

Today, Angie and Elizabeth discuss arrogance as a necessary component to creating something from nothing--what does it take to create? What gives you permission? What gives you cojones? Ideas include: Focusing on creating a body of work Sitting with...

Episode 50: Does Art Require an Audience?

Angie and Elizabeth discuss the pros and cons of the dictum to write everyday, the benefits and drawbacks of social media to the writer/ creative type, and whether art requires an audience.

Episode 48:Quick Fix Q&A: Simplicity

In this week’s Quick Fix Q & A, Angie and Elizabeth discuss:

6 steps to creating a scene
4 tests for: is it an event?
Plot complexity and genre expectations
Your personal thematic
Decision fatigue
Automating your routine

FREE Craft Class

Friends’ week is coming up in the Book Writing World, November 15 & 17! Join us in-person in Berkeley OR Online from anywhere via Zoom’s video conferencing for a free 2-hour craft class on Backstory–when do you need it, how do you work it in, and what can and can’t it do for your story?

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Episode 47: Micah Perks and Fetal Narrators

In this episode we sit down with author Micah Perks. Our conversation went all over the place, and we hit on a number topics. We discussed: Fetal narrators How long it can take to write a novel What happens when revisions don't work Finding the title How...

Episode 45: Kirsty Starkey

Kirsty Starkey works as a producer at BBC Radio 4’s acclaimed show Woman’s Hour, “the programme that offers a female perspective on the world.” She researches and develops stories, finds and interviews potential subjects, prepares the presenters for live on-air interviews, and more

Episode 43: Creative Muscle Memory: Author Gretchen Atwood on Research, Proposals and Scenes for Non-fiction Books

We were thrilled to sit down with Book Writing World alum Gretchen Atwood to discuss her newly released book, Lost Champions: Four Men, Two Teams, and the Breaking of Pro Football’s Color Line, and get some great tips about balancing research and writing, evaluating and choosing your sources, making use of research to create scene, and where the line between imagination and invention falls in nonfiction.

Episode 41: Quick Fix Q&A

This week we started a new element in Story Makers Show. Interspersed with the in-depth interviews with authors, filmmakers and industry professionals, we are going to offer brief podcasts that answer your questions about writing

Episode 39: The Artist’s Ability: Shaping a Memoir, Shaping a Creative Life, a conversation with author Joyce Scott

Joyce has an amazing, important story to tell about an artist, Joyce’s twin sister Judy, who had so much against her–undiagnosed deafness, Down’s Syndrome in a time when differences were institutionalized, and years away from her family–only to find her artistic “voice” when in their middle age Joyce gained guardianship of Judy and brought her to California and to Creative Growth.