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Episode 45: Kirsty Starkey

Kirsty Starkey works as a producer at BBC Radio 4’s acclaimed show Woman’s Hour, “the programme that offers a female perspective on the world.” She researches and develops stories, finds and interviews potential subjects, prepares the presenters for live on-air interviews, and more

Episode 43: Creative Muscle Memory: Author Gretchen Atwood on Research, Proposals and Scenes for Non-fiction Books

We were thrilled to sit down with Book Writing World alum Gretchen Atwood to discuss her newly released book, Lost Champions: Four Men, Two Teams, and the Breaking of Pro Football’s Color Line, and get some great tips about balancing research and writing, evaluating and choosing your sources, making use of research to create scene, and where the line between imagination and invention falls in nonfiction.

Episode 41: Quick Fix Q&A

This week we started a new element in Story Makers Show. Interspersed with the in-depth interviews with authors, filmmakers and industry professionals, we are going to offer brief podcasts that answer your questions about writing

Episode 39: The Artist’s Ability: Shaping a Memoir, Shaping a Creative Life, a conversation with author Joyce Scott

Joyce has an amazing, important story to tell about an artist, Joyce’s twin sister Judy, who had so much against her–undiagnosed deafness, Down’s Syndrome in a time when differences were institutionalized, and years away from her family–only to find her artistic “voice” when in their middle age Joyce gained guardianship of Judy and brought her to California and to Creative Growth.

Episode 37: Shaping Memoir, Inventing Scene: A Discussion with Ground-breaking Feminist Economist Myra Strober

We had an inspiring and far-ranging conversation with feminist economist Myra Strober about her new memoir, Sharing the Work:What My Family and Career Taught Me About Breaking Through (and Holding the Door Open for Others). We examined differences between memoir writing, fiction, and academic writing, and how Myra used theme as a filter to shape and cut her memoir.

Episode 36: Breaking Down Traditional and Non-Traditional Publishing with Nina Amir

We broke open the traditional publishing/ self-publishing dichotomy in this conversation, having the most exciting discussion on platform building, purpose, marketing and creativity that maybe we’ve ever had. Nina straddles traditional publishing and self-publishing, doing well in both. Here, we really dig into those worlds and where they meet, where they part, and how they can work together. Nina showed us how to pitch fiction and non-fiction, what it really means to build reach and visibility as an author, and how to get inspired to do it.

Visit: to learn more.

Episode 35: Jabari Asim

It was an honor and a joy to sit down (virtually) with Jabari Asim and talk about just how a man with five children and a big deal job manages to be so productive across so many genres.

Episode 33: Setting, Creative Process, and Freedom in Art and Writing: a talk with Adam Wolpert

Adam Wolpert is a painter who blogs beautifully about the creative process, and our conversation began by looking at the moment when you’re shifting out of a big a long extended project and finding the next one–something writers certainly face as well. This led into an exploration of the powers of creative constraints, of setting limits on your projects–and the unexpected and deep freedom that produces.

Episode 32: Vision, Values and Collaboration: a talk with Heather Haggerty and Nanou Matteson

Heather Haggerty and Nanou Matteson are a superteam of film producers who brought us the recent award-winning comedy starring Rita Moreno and previous Story Makers podcast guest Steve Goldbloom. Their film East Side Sushi has also had remarkable success. We dig into the creative side of marketing your art and its connection to your values, about when and how to consider your audience, about keeping your budget small and your quality high.

Episode 31: Your work in the world: a talk with Peg Alford Pursell

We had a lively and important conversation with author, publisher and literary curator Peg Alford Pursell, about the publishing landscape and how writers can successfully interact with it. Peg, who runs the popular reading series Why There Are Words, is launching an independent press with the same name.

Episode 30: Structure and Resistance: a talk with Angie Powers

My conversation with Angie Powers, co-host of Story Makers Show, began with the process and pleasure of telling yourself a story. We discussed what she did and did not get from her MFA program, including an understanding of structure and revision, which led us into the art of revision and the relationship between revision and planning or structure.

Episode 28: What the Wolf and the Editor Know That You Must Learn. A talk with Dorothy Hearst.

We had a far-ranging conversation with the multi-talented author of the trilogy The Wolf Chronicles, professional developmental and acquisitions editor and now, first-time screenplay writer Dorothy Hearst. She shared how her ideas and inspirations arrive and develop, how science can thicken a plot, negative self-talk (the downfall of many writers), and so much more.