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This week we started a new element in Story Makers Show. Interspersed with the in-depth interviews with authors, filmmakers and industry professionals, we are going to offer brief podcasts that answer your questions about writing. Yes, yours: write to us a or post them on the Story Makers Show page on Facebook or hit reply to this newsletter and ask away!

This episode we discuss finding readers who will be the best critics for your work, deciding if a project is fiction or non-fiction, and organizing your book when you have a lot of material and feel overwhelmed.

Links Discussed:

A Writer’s Time



Story Makers is a podcast that features in-depth conversations with accomplished writers, filmmakers and industry experts about story craft, technique, habit and survival–everything you need to know to stay inspired, connect to your creativity, find others’ wonderful stories and your own success.

The hosts:

Elizabeth Stark is a published, agented novelist and distributed filmmaker who teaches and mentors writers at

Angie Powers is a distributed filmmaker and published short story writer with an MFA in creative writing and a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA who teaches story structure at